The Complexity of Obesity Group

Our mission

The rationale for "The Complexity of Obesity Conferences" is the understanding that obesity is a complex issue, which don't have simple solutions.


We think that a complex systems framework calls for a multi-level, multi-disciplinary, and multi-professional approach in research and practice.

Our mission is to make and host international conferences on different aspects on the complexity of obesity in order to bring together thinking from multiple disciplines so we can change the ways in which we conceptualise and tackle obesity. 

Who we are


Conference organisers

Sogn og Fjordane University College

Førde Hospital Trust

University of Bergen



Sogn og Fjordane University College

Førde Hospital Trust
The Research Council of Norway


Members of the organising committee

Associate professor John Roger Andersen

Professor Harry Rutter

Professor Gerd Karin Natvig

PhD candidate Eli Natvik

PhD candidate Rand Jepsen

PhD candidate Anny Aasprang

Associate professor Eivind Aadland

Pediatrician Hege Kristiansen

Adviser Runar Hovland


Editorial board (conference proceedings)

Associate professor John Roger Andersen, Norway (info)

Editorial board:

Professor Gerd Karin Natvig, Norway (info)
Professor Øyvind Glosvik, Norway (info)
Professor Ronette L. Kolotkin, USA (info)
Professor Harry Rutter, UK (info)

Associate professor Eivind Aadland, Norway (info)