Main speakers

Ronette Kolotkin, Clinical Psychologist, PhD, USA

Few, if any reasearchers, have published more on the topic; obesity and quality of life, than Ronette Kolotkin. She is also the developer of the well known instrument "the Impact of Weight on Quality of Life questionnaire".

Jane Ogden, CHPsych, Professor, UK

Ogden has special interest in in the control and loss of control over eating, aspects of weight concern, the development of dietary habits in childhood and the medical and surgical management of obesity. She is also involved in research exploring how the language used in the consultation can influence patients in terms of their beliefs about their health problem, their behaviour and satisfaction.

Harry Rutter, MD, Professor, UK

Rutter is a consultant in public health medicine, and is director of the National Obesity Observatory and an honorary senior clinical lecturer. He has a broad interest in the relationships between all aspects of the built environment and health, in particular the health benefits of walking and cycling.

Villy Våge, MD, PhD, Norway

Våge is an experienced surgeon at Førde Central Hospital, and is acknowledged as one of the pioneers of modern bariatric surgery in Norway. He has among other things studied quality of life before and after bariatric surgery during the last decade.

Jøran Hjelmesæth, MD, Professor, Norway

Hjermesæth is the head of the The Morbid Obesity Center Vestfold Hospital Trust. He is also the leader of the Norwegian Association for the Study of Obesity, and  are involved in several research projects, that also includes quality of life outcomes.