Welcome to the 2nd Balestrand obesity conference: "The complexity of obesity: Scandinavian perspectives"

Balestrand, Norway 18-20 June 2014 

Professor Harry Rutter
Professor Harry Rutter

Learn how using complex systems approaches can bring together thinking from multiple disciplines and change the ways in which we conceptualise and tackle obesity.

Sit ringside when world leading researchers discuss the latest from the frontiers of research.

Take part in exciting discussions with speakers, participants, and colleagues.

Present a poster. The best poster will be awarded with 500 Euro and a diploma.


Attending the conference is now accredited as 11 hours post graduate medical education for all specialties, 15 hours for clinical nurse specialist, and 16 hours for physiotherapy specialist in Norway.

Meet old friends and make new ones. Experience Balestrand - the pearl of the Sognefjord - at its vibrant and stimulating best. 

This conference is needed because obesity is a complex issue, which don't have simple solutions.


The aims of this conference are to throw light on: 

  • The complexity of obesity as a human and societal phenomenon
  • The challenges of achieving successful prevention, health-promotion, and treatment strategies

A complex systems framework calls for a multi-level, multi-disciplinary, and multi-professional approach in research and practice.

Although there are some differences in their approaches to obesity, the Scandinavian nations share social democratic values that permeate the structures of their welfare societies and result in much common ground. The conference will attempt to capture these shared and diverse ideas and approaches, and identify ways in which the Scandinavian response can be strengthened and shared more widely. This will help improve the ways in which academics, practitioners and policymakers from around the world work and collaborate to address obesity and its consequences.


The conference combines oral plenary presentations by leading researchers, panel discussions, and poster presentations. 

The logo at the top of this site is a copy of the Obesity System Influence Diagram. Click here for source.